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SRQ Jewelry was formed out of a passion for creating beautiful jewelry. It started

with Mr. Suwaity, a native of Jerusalem. Having grown up in one of the most diverse cultural places in the world, Mr. Suwaity developed a passion for meeting new people,

and from a young age, grew to appreciate the beauty that each culture had to offer. His desires for meeting people lead him to move to the United States, where he ultimately settled in Sarasota, Florida. He began selling silver, then moved to gold, and then

to diamonds and precious stones: specializing in buying very fine antiques and

estate jewelry from all over the world.


Mr. Suwaity decided he wanted to create jewelry that would have a lasting

impression. Mr. Suwaity handpicked jewelers to create one of a kind pieces for him.

As his business grew on the manufacturing side, he felt the need to expand his manufacturing endeavor and brought his on son board, who had recently graduated

from GIA School in California. His son had amassed a a number of contacts while

in school, and began using his connections to bring precious resources from all

over the world to produce some of the most beautiful pieces that Mr. Suwaity

had ever created. SRQ Jewelry is devoted to making some of the finest,

most unique jewelry this work will ever see...



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